About savENRG™ Phase Change Material

A tremendous surge in technology over the last 20 years has moved our world forward in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and created challenges for your business that 20 years ago wouldn’t have been an issue. Social changes, along with climate changes and personal decisions to be careful stewards of our environment, culminated in the creation of savENRG™ Phase Change Materials by RGEES, LLC in 2009.  

Our goal in the creation of these product lines was to provide a sustainable means of precise thermal stability as well as an ecological friendly alternative to ice and dry-ice used extensively today within the pharmaceutical cold chain. We truly believe this to be a major contribution towards thermal stability during shipping of pharmaceutical products, water resources conservation and a direct reduction in carbon emissions.

This savENRG™ Phase Change Material store features organic and inorganic products designed to meet the majority of thermal control needs for shipping and storage of pharmaceutical products. All products featured are NSF Certified to ANSI 2 standards, are water-based with food grade salts or bio-based, incorporate food safe plastic, are tested to operate precisely for thousands of cycles, have the capacity to store large amounts of thermal energy for longer “hold-over” and come with minimal cost of implementation.

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